Officer Duties

For those who may be interested in running for an officer for PHSA, here are the duties of each office.


Duties include:
  • Reserving rooms for meetings and other events
  • Collecting announcements and setting up meeting agenda
  • Sitting on the Public Health Executive Committe (2 meetings/year)
  • Being in contact with heads of departments, and other prominent people in the college and Public Health world
  • Registering organization with CSAI and keeping us in good standing (updating constitution, officers etc.)
  • Supporting all activities of PHSA and other officers


Duties include:
  • Assuming the duties of the president in his/her absence
  • Working alongside president and other eboard/chairs to develop ideas and projects for PHSA
  • Overseeing the chairs and assist them in the day to day activities of PHSA
  • Serving as an ambassador for our College and collaborating with them on projects
  • Promoting any and all PHSA events to members
  • Performing other duties as needed for the president and the board/chairs


 Duties include
  • Recording minutes and taking attendance at all eboard and general body meetings
  • Sending out minutes of general body meetings over the listserv
  • Being in charge of all information and event announcements over the listserv
  • Collaborating with eboard members in developing programs and events for organization


 Duties include
  • Keeping an accurate record of incoming and outgoing funds for PHSA
  • Preparing and submitting the annual budget request to Student Government
  • Preparing and submitting Student Activity Requests (SARs) to Student Government
  • Attending budget hearings to defend future funding


Duties include:

  • Taking photographs of various PHSA events
  • Outreach projects, Socials and National Public Health Week (NPHW)
  • Keeping the Public Health Student Lounge in order
  • Promoting ideas for Public Health events and NPHW
  • Assisting other officers on miscellaneous projects