Meet The Executive Board

President Current PHSA president, Omari Richins


Name: Omari Richins

Hometown: I hail from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago although I did the last two years of high school in Oman in the Middle East and my undergrad in USA

Concentration: Policy & Management

Career Goals: I want to be involved in management policy advising, however I am open to other interest in the field of public health such as building health systems or perhaps working with impactful NGOs

Fun Facts:

  • I have gone skydiving twice.
  • I have 9 PADI scuba diving certifications.
  • I love Kit Kat (preferably from the UK and not USA).


Vice-PresidentCurrent PHSA vice-president, Samari Blari

Name: Samari Blair

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Career Goals: Become a physician and the Surgeon General of the US (I have high dreams lol)

Fun Facts:

  • I am the youngest one in my cohort.
  • I prefer eating out to cooking.
  • My guilty pleasure is sour scream.



Current PHSA treasurer, Harrison Brandes

Name: Harrison Brandes

Hometown: Weston, Florida

Concentration: Policy & Management

Career Goals: Become a dentist

Fun Facts:

  • In my free time, I love to play golf.
  • I have a degree in business administration.
  • I have 16 first cousins.




Current PHSA secretary, Sydney Fuller

Name: Sydney Fuller

Hometown: Orlando, Florida (but I’ve lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for the past 7 years)

Concentration: Epidemiology

Career Goals: To become an Endocrinologist

Fun Facts:

  • I’m the proud owner of two cats despite being deathly allergic to them. Their names are Reggie and Pearl.
  • I am a complete nerd when it comes to Disney and anything Harry Potter related.
  • My best friend is actually cousins with the woman who voiced Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.



We will be having elections for a Historian in the Fall 2018 semester.

Service Chairs

Current PHSA Co-Chair of Service, Alyssa Berger

Name: Alyssa Berger

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Concentration: Epidemiology

Career Goals: Physician Scientist

Fun Facts:

  • I always had a passion for science and the arts.
  • I love to sing, play guitar, write original songs, and perform in musicals.
  • I feel most fulfilled when I am able to help others.


Name: Leeashaa Ramoutar

Current PHSA co-chair of service, Leeashaa Ramoutar

Hometown: I am originally from Barbados, but grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Concentration: Epidemiology

Career Goals: To become a doctor one day

Fun Facts:

  • I have trained in classical Indian dance.
  • I hiked up the “tallest” mountain in the world: Mt. Lamlam.
  • Chocolate is my weakness.


Outreach Chair

Current PHSA Outreach Chair, Krystal Lowe

Name: Krystal Lowe

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Career Goals: Work in the worksite/corporate wellness field and eventually move towards owning my own business.

Fun Facts:

  • I’d like to start my own lifestyle vlog on YouTube.
  • I can read, write, and speak Greek.
  • I have gone skydiving, despite my fear of heights.

Social Chair

Current PHSA Social Chair, Dawit Rumicha

Name: Dawit Rumicha

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Concentration: Social & Behavioral Sciences

Career Goals: Physician (MD or DO)

Fun Facts:

  • A hobby of mine is playing lacrosse.
  • Favorite snack is a mix of Greek Yogurt, Berries, and Nuts.
  • My hiccup sounds similar to donkey bray.