Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 20,2015

2015 1_20 PHSA Welcome Back Meeting Minutes(1)

Minutes for October 1, 2014

5:31pm — Meeting Begins

5:32 — Nicole and APHA on the agenda

Student leadership with Dr. Blue discussed

5:33 — Nicole Cranley to discuss APHA and its benefits

  • Training sessions are great to attend
  • CPH exam can now betaken at the meetings
  • Over 14,000 people there
  • Networking and job opportunities
  • Most useful is the poster presentations
  • UF social even and student member events

5:45 — President Report:

  • Training information for members and new Eboard
  • There will be a manual for each position

Social Chair Report

  • LSU Tailgate location
  • Who, Where, $15 pre-order for all you can eat bands

Secretary Report

  • APHA list and form to be filled out
  • Money for APHA Hotel will be DUE at the next meeting (October 15, 2014)

5:50 — Student leadership meeting will be January 10, 2015, this will be required for the new Eboard to attend

Polo money due

Movember introduced

6:00– Meeting Adjourned