Archived Minutes

Minutes for September 17, 2014

5:30pm–Meeting Begins

5:31– Discuss Community Service Projects

  • Color Run
  • SportsAbility

5:35– APHA

  • Hotel Decided, Everyone needs to tell Gina Martorana who is going to stay at the hotel
  • Graduate Student Council Travel Grants Due SEPTEMBER 30th
  • Questions about cost and possible fundraising opportunities discussed

5:40– Lectures Introduces: Next meeting there will be someone to talk to members about APHA

5:41– Start thinking and talking to present Eboard about the upcoming Eboard and elections.

5:45– Meeting Adjourned

Minutes for January 14, 2014

5:30pm–Woodser discussed

  • Mixer on Weds the 28th discussed, reminder to send out email (what to expect there and what is appropriate to wear etc.)
  • Condom Olympics-Feb. 13th, Sarah

5:33—Intramural teams discussed (form to be sent out)

  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Softball

5:35—Constitutional amendment- UNANIMOUS

  • Monies and bank accounts
  • Eboard election changed
  • Constitution is RATIFIED

5:40—Presidents challenge announced

  • Point system
  • Winner gets prizes for attending meetings, social events and community events

5:42—Polo pricing=$50

  • Cost includes polo and social/community and club needs

5:45—Volunteer opportunities with Backpacks for Kids and Monthly food drives

  • Contact Sarah or Gina for Kelley’s information and signups

5:50pm—Meeting Adjourned

Minutes from meeting on Monday, October 22, 2012

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Eboard members.

  1.  March of Dimes
  2. Chair applications are now open
  3. Opportunities for you!

March of Dimes

Join us as we walk to save babies! This 5K walk will be on Sunday, November 4 2012 at 2PM on Turlington Plaza on campus. Food and refreshments will be provided. PHSA has registered as a group, so when you register individually online you can then join the UF PHSA group and make any donations you would like. You can register on So come on out and run, walk, have fun, and support a great cause!

Chair applications

  • Conference Chair
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Community Chair
  • Social Chair
  • Public Relations Chair

These are the 5 chair positions that are being offered. The application can be found on the PHSA website If you are interested in any position please fill out the application and email it to Blosmeli Leon at by October 29,2012 and schedule an interview between 10/29-11/2. (So the new Eboard can meet you). The new chairs will be announced November 5, 2012

 Opportunities for you!

You may have already received some of this information but here are some of them again as a reminder.

 -Your PHSA Eboard


Minutes for Monday’s meeting, October 8, 2012

Congratulations to our new 2012-2013 Executive Board!

President: Kota Friedman
Vice President: Blosmeli Leon
Secretary: Kayla Sutherland
Treasurer: Tatiana Gonzalez
Historian: Cristelle Garnier

UF v. Vandy Social

Join us as we welcome our new e-board members while celebrating another Gator win! It will be held at Gators Dockside restaurant located at 3842 Newberry Road Suite 1A, Gainesville, FL 32607 at 5:30PM, Saturday October 13th. If you need more information or a ride, please contact Jackie Risco at (352) 215-1397.

MPH Alumni Event

Monday, October 14th, PHSA will be hosting a meeting to welcome Farheen Akbar, a graduate of UF’s MPH program. Currently she works with the division of Behavioral and Social Research at the National Institute of Aging, was presented an award by the head of NIA, and even has several publications out. This will be a great opportunity to ask her questions ranging from her preparation in graduate school to her experiences in the real world. The meeting will be held in room G316 in the HPNP building.

MPH Cohort Picture

On Thursday, October 18th, there will be a cohort picture for the second year MPH students. It will take place after the required seminar for that day. Please dress in business casual attire.

It has been a pleasure for us to serve on the Public Health Students Association Executive Board.


Emily Jones, Jihane Ambroise, Daphney Degand, Anneka Fraser, Meera Bhakta


Minutes from meeting on September 24, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Here are the minutes from Monday, September 24, 2012 meeting.

**Elections will be Monday, October 8th. If you decide to run, please contact Emily Jones at by Midnight Saturday October 6th with the position(s) you are interested in.**

Slande’s Career Planning Information Session

Make sure to start with the end in mind so keep in mind the goals you want to obtain and how you want to get there. Also, be sure to keep in touch with your faculty advisers because they can offer a lot of great advice. Try to figure out what skills and experiences are required to get to your ideal position.
The new electronic portfolio is up and running so be sure to test it out!

Some of the most wanted skills
• Data analysis
• Assessment and surveillance
• Planning and evaluation
• Communication (oral and written)
• Lab/language
Retain the skills that you have learned in SPSS/SAS/GIS planning, and sharpen your existing skills. You also want to be able to communicate effectively as to what your skills are.

There are classes  available at the CRC that will show you how to better mange your online accounts
(Linked in, Facebook) so that you will have a profile that will attract people

If you are going to APHA, make sure you have some business cards and a couple of resumes with you to hand out.

Anything that you see that you are almost qualified for, you should apply. UF MPH students are at times sought after by fellowships. Make sure you take advantage of opportunities that are available. Make sure you know the background behind the organization that you are going after.

When asking for a letter of recommendation, keep in touch with the faculty member. Send a description of the position and a copy of your resume so that they know what to say. Give them at least 2 weeks notice and afterwards,  give a status update of what is going on.

Verify the location that you want to look, arrive early and dress the part. Bring a copy of your resume and remember your portfolio. Also make sure to send thank you notes or emails to interviewers!

Arts in Public Health
This is a field that has been slowing developing over the past few decades known in the clinical setting but
now it is moving into the community setting. Arts in health involves heath promotion, policy development, aesthetics- integrating the arts in all different aspects to help with the healing process. It allows participants for an alternative form of communication, emotional support, and gives them a sense of purpose at a difficult time. It also allows for a mind body renewal and creative engagement to decrease stress and anxiety

  • Some examples for places that they work are: community gardens, theater projects and health screenings
  • They also go to Rwanda, Africa. Health images were created on the walls to remember what they need to do to improve hygiene

They will have a meeting Monday October 1st  from 7-8pm at Library West room 2:30

For more information please contact Alie Trainor-president of Arts in Health at UF:

Center for Arts In Medicine: have tools for research and education. They are offering 2 undergrad certificates and 1 graduate certificate. Some project locations include Spain, Morocco, and Ireland

For more information please visit

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare: largest nonprofit that serves are umbrella for the arts field. Membership for students is $40. Access to members around the world. Offer awards for scholarships, research grants, access to other grants and job opportunities and they are looking for public health professionals
For more information:

Noah’s Endeavor Service Project
On Sunday, September 30th, from 1:30pm to 4pm, PHSA will be working on an Arts and health project at the Hillel. We will be making different crafts and interacting with children with disabilities Please collect paper towel cardboard rolls and bring them to the public health student lounge.

PHHP School Supplies
There will be a competitive school supplies drive in our college. Winners will be determined as the most
supplies per member and will receive a pizza party at the meeting after the drive ends.
Examples of supplies include: pencils, pen, erasers, hand sanitizer, crayons, scissors, rulers, calculators, colored
pencils and more
There will be more information provided in the future.

Health and Accessibility fair

This health fair will occur on Saturday October 13th from 10 am to 2pm at Porters Community Center. Service such as blood pressure screenings, kids activities, fall risk screening, and more will be provided. Volunteers are needed!!
Email Cori Ruktanochai at or contact her at (352) 273 7920 to RSVP or to obtain more

Have a great weekend!

-Your PHSA Eboard


Minutes from meeting on September 12, 2012

PHSA Elections

Elections will take place at out October 8th meeting. The only positions that will be up for election will be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian, and Treasurer. If you would like to find out more information about the positions, feel free to contact the person that holds it. There will be a short information session after the next meeting. Elections are only for first year students or students.

Football Social

This Saturday, September15th at 5:30PM, PHSA will be having a potluck social watching the Gators face Tennessee. The location will be at Oxford Manor Apartments. The address is 2777 SW Archer Rd Apartment A3. It will be the first apartment on the left before the guard gate and parking is unrestricted. Some possible tailgate food items to bring would be wings, fried chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, salad, fruit, sweet tea, lemonade or etc. If you need help finding the apartment or need a ride please contact Jackie Risco or Rose Marcelin at or or (352) 215-1397.

Well Florida

Lindsey Redding from Well Florida came by to talk about the organization. Well Florida is a health planning council that is a part of the Florida statutes. It’s mission is to forge partnerships in planning, research, and service. It is a private non-profit organization that serves 16 counties and 1.5 million residents. It was founded in Gainesville in 1969 and serves as an umbrella organization to many other different organizations.

They have HIV/AIDS and prenatal care services and their community initiatives department specialize in community health needs assessments, qualitative and quantitative data, grant writing and evaluation, and implementation of community initiatives. They also do testing for HIV and are currently working on creating a video and other activities aimed at HIV prevention.

If you are interested in working with their organization, they usually have postings on Craigslist.

Their contact information is:

HIV/AIDS Services: Karen Klubertanz
Healthy start: Julia Ackerman
Rural health services: Kendra Siler-Marsiglio
Community initiatives: Shane Bailey
Executive director: Jeff Feller:
Phone number: (352) 313-6500 Email:


SHIP supports local schools in Alachua county by collaborating with undergraduates, medical residents, and graduate students to teach 4th and 5th graders about FCAT science and STEM concepts along with physical activity and health topics. The schools that are in the program are Idylwild, Rawlings, Lake Forest, and Terwilliger. Their curriculum includes fun topics and enable the students to bring the information back to their families and spread the word on what they have learned. They volunteer at these different schools on Mondays-Thursdays from 3PM to 4:30PM. SHIP also focuses on fundraising and community services with different events such as Veggie-palooza and Trunk or Treat.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Mona Sayedul Huq at

Ronald McDonald House

We would like to thank everyone who was able to come out and participate in our breakfast volunteer opportunity. The people who received the breakfast were very appreciative!

Outreach Opportunities

Gainesville Housing Authority: they provide low income housing that is inclusive and empowers the community. They are looking for administrative volunteers. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, contact the Operations Director, Ranaldo Bennet  at (352) 872-5500 ext 214

Salvation Army: they are looking for people to take part in their emergency disaster service programs. If you are interested, please contact Lt. Preston Lewis at (352) 376-1743 ext 113

Alachua County Health Department: They are looking for a temporary OPS worker to input data for their Flu Mist program. If you are interested, you can contact Emily Sasser for more information at

HIV Certifications

If you were able to register for the certification classes, they cost $25 in exact change or check. The Friday dates for the class are 10/5, 10/12, 10/19 from 9AM to 4PM. The Saturday fates will be 10/6 and 10/7 from 8AM to 6PM. You must attend all hours to become certified and the classes will take place at the Alachua county health department.

Health and Accessibility Fair

On October 13th, volunteers are needed at the Porters Community Center for a health fair. It will have activities for kids, screenings, education/preventive methods for cardiovascular disease and there will be other local organizations there such as HealthStreet and Noah’s Endeavor. More information will be provided at our next meeting.

September 24th will be our next meeting.

-Your PHSA meeting