Wonjin Kim

Position: Secretary

Hometown: South Korea

Public Health Concentration: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Undergraduate degree: Health, Society, and Populations degree in University of Kentucky May 2019

Why you got interested in public health:  I was always fascinated by health – but I did not want to become a doctor. Public health stood out to me because it was becoming a doctor for the community. I also was always interested in helping communities with the mentality to involve them as much as possible. Public health is all about understanding the community and helping them.

Aspirations after graduating with your MPH: I hope to work for the government CDC or just work for nonprofit. I am also debating if I want to pursue another graduate program in cultural anthropology. It is still up in the air though.

Favorite part of the MPH program or best memory thus far:  I enjoy my time with friends and getting to know different kinds of people.

Favorite Hobby: I have lived in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, South Korea, Kentucky, and now Florida.